Walk of shame

Anger with it’s child barefoot,gliding,sliding, crawling, trotting

Finally running at full pelt and cursing, trying to get to me

Through broken walls and crumbled hopes

Anger so much, seething with rage, because she’s embarrassed

For I look on with an air of calmness

Though a little frail, I won’t back down

I know she feeds her son

Whose name she delicately calls with a slur; ‘EGO’

But I won’t back down

Though a little frail, l’ll rise from the dust

I won’t fall into the abyss she’s dug

I’ll rise to my feet and look her in the eye, 

With a hysteric laughter over her defeat

And oh! the terror that will grip her soul

And shatter her beloved son into a million pieces

When I pull off the mask of a victim and show off my face

The face of unfazed sublime elegance

And undying love in the face of hatred

Exquisite hope in the face of despair

I’ll square my shoulders

While she takes her so ever profound walk of shame!


About the Author

Chance Macklean,2nd year medical student at Kampala International University.
I love poetry. I love writing. Most of my writing is mostly driven by how and what I feel.


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