the hesitant


Chane loved the way she looked at him, but hated the way she’d laugh with other guys in his presence. Chane enjoyed her wicked sense of humor and wit. Humble as she looked, this girl had every type of wicked joke up her sleeve. The two had a sexual tension that was strong tenfold, it could break the foundation of a sky scrapper.

Mia wasn’t a native like you thought. She was a descendant of some of the many people taken as slaves over-seas. Nevertheless, she had the beauty and skin complexity of her predecessors. Her accent might have been tainted by the people she grew up with, but Chane found it so intriguing that she was doing her best to relate with the natives of his home country. Her speech sounded like some female snoop dog rapper, but it made her no less friendly.

So what was the problem? Chane had dropped all obvious signs of serious interest in this American beauty. Besides them flirting endlessly, both on phone and in person, playing footsie and intense eye gazing filled with longing, these two were actually no more than casual friends. Chane had school, and other responsibilities to keep him occupied and keep Mia off his mind. And it worked, temporarily, until she’d walk into the classroom like she owned the bloody air that everyone inhaled. This girl was confident. Her presence would draw Chane’s attention, but this lover boy had to play it cool.

He had so many questions. What if she was married back in her home country? But she seemed a little too young to be married. Did she actually like him? That seemed to be the case. But she also enjoys other guys company. Was she just joking perhaps pretending, trying to trick him? Women are so freaking confusing. Amidst all the thoughts running wild, Zuri, Chane’s younger sister called. “Zuri, vipi?” “Kaka, nini mbaya? Unaonekana oko chini? What has the American done to you?”

Chane rolled his eyes, “oki piga simu anayanza na maswali, ehh?”

Chane had eventually grown accustomed to Zuri, given their complicated history. The two were so close, they could easily predict each other’s moods from a simple hello on a phone call. But you see, right now, Chane didn’t need another lecturer on how to court a girl. He believed in many ways, one outcome. And his method, if given time would eventually work, or so he hoped.

“Bro, you need to trust yourself a little bit, eh! You need to see that you can make very good decisions and are capable of getting the person you choose. And so what if you make a mistake, it’s a good avenue to learn, store the memory on our brain hard drive and continue with life. I don’t want to you keep all that hesitancy, kaka. It hurts your so called macho confidence.” Zuri continued on hoping that a word or two would get through her brother’s thick skull and actually kick him into solution mode.

As Chane was formulating a reply, he paused and actually thought about Zuri’s suggestion. As the wheels in his mind kept turning, a classmate of his summoned him a few paces away, “Chane, Prof is at the stairs!” and that was all the warning he needed to get him straight into class, seated fortunately or unfortunately next to Mia. That was surely going to be an interesting lecture.

To be continued…

Written by: Melissa L. Takuwa

Aka: Mellow.

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