…may break my bones but your insults will never hurt me” must be the biggest oxymoron of all time-nay- it’s the biggest lie of all time. As I type this article I chuckle and shake my head because God knows how much I relate to this oxymoron. Let me explain.

As we live this life, we come face to face with people and situations that prompt us to react to each and everything they do and/or say. Try as we might, it’s hard to avoid feeling offended. Now, not so long ago there was this guy that I used to like-and  let the record show that whenever I like a guy, I fall harder than a sinner falls from grace. While in likeship of said guy, I knighted him to be the source of my happiness…my ray of sunshine, if you will. And it is only until recently that I realized what a huge responsibility I had given to him because the moment he eclipsed, I spiraled further into depression; everything he said or did hurt me, and I blamed him which was clearly unfair if you ask me.

Personally, I believe that the one thing we have some level of control over is how we feel or react when something happens to us but if you do find yourself in a situation where you can’t control how you feel and/or react, then, please, by all means, take it to the Lord in prayer and He will guide you. There are times when people say something and then we get angry or sad or depressed…but the moment someone realizes how much they can affect you, you can rest assured that they know they have power over you and they won’t hesitate to exercise that power because if it is one thing human beings love, it is power.

The bible says do not let the devil tempt you into sinning and dear reader, I am here to tell you to stop for a moment and realize when someone is poking at you as to hemorrhage areaction out of you. Know who you are; you are God’s child and no matter what anyone says or does, or whatever situation you are going through  to determine how you react.

In conclusion, let me say this: let people throw sticks and stones at you, but hold steadfastly to your identity and have a sense of self. It’s not a crime if someone makes you happy—no, it isn’t—just don’t let them be the sole source of your happiness. If someone offends you, it’s best to let them know, but don’t let it control you. If you find that someone keeps provoking you and you need someone to talk to, reach out to us at, and we will help you


Driven by her passion for creative writing, Nsiima Chloe Elizabeth is doing whatever it takes to level the mental health Plainfield one article at a time to reach anyone and everyone who might be going through what she went through when she first suffered with depression.

ladies and gentlemen, she means well.

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