I keep finding myself in unhealthy relationships, and here’s why:
My English isn’t perfect. Hi, I’m Nsiima Chloe Elizabeth. Yes, I understand that my English might seem articulate, but please hear me out. My English is actually not flawless, and it’s not the type where I would say, “You don’t know ze danger.” Instead, it’s the kind where I struggle to truly grasp the meaning of words and reciprocate said words.
My sole and exclusive love language is acts of service. While most people have a primary love language and perhaps a second or even third one, I only have words of affirmation – sorry – I meant to say acts of service. It’s not that I’m incapable of learning other love languages, but the truth is, I speak broken English.
I do understand how to demonstrate love by going the extra mile, but you wouldn’t catch me dead to rights using words of affirmation or je ne sais quoi. Usually, I attempt, but then I end up speaking in a way that falls short, and I just give up because words often feel empty to me, as if they’re something anyone can say.
Through my experiences with depression and my journey to overcome it, people have often promised to be there for me, only to do the opposite. Being someone who pays more attention to actions, I read between the lines and move forward.
I hold no resentment against people who love to use words or have words of affirmation as love language, because everyone is defined by who they are, not just their actions. Consequently, I tend to rely less on words and focus on their deeds. You see, I, too, never know quite what to say.

However, there are individuals who declare they’ll do something and follow through. These are the people who truly deserve closeness. There are those who will call you, ask about your well-being, and offer words of encouragement. Then, there are those who’ll take time out of their hectic schedules to spend quality time. It’s crucial to recognize these people, even if it’s just one person who fits this description. I know many of you that will read this article may find yourself in a position where you speak broken English like me or even worse but just know that there is always someone out there for you. ATLEAST US HERE AT iMental health community do understand broken English, whenever you need advice on unhealthy relationships.
Unfortunate as I may find myself hitting walls with certain people and landing myself in unhealthy relationships because of listening to broken English or rather speaking it , I would love the record to reflect that I still come across wonderful individuals who would go above and beyond for me and I’m forever grateful to them. They manage to understand my bloken Engrish and decipher its meaning.
That is my proverbial onion. What’s yours?

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Driven by her passion for creative writing, Nsiima Chloe Elizabeth is doing whatever it takes to level the mental health Plainfield one article at a time to reach anyone and everyone who might be going through what she went through when she first suffered with depression.

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