Today I came up with a wonderful analogy for human hearts, even though it does sound a bit farfetched. I think that they are like glass sculptures, beautiful to behold and a marvel to look at. In the light, they shine with a million colors and reflect it as it falls upon them. They mesmerize and dazzle, they sparkle and gleam like nothing you have ever seen. This gives me the thought that with the right environment, one’s heart can truly shine and light up the worlds of others. And I am a living testament to that, at least I think I once was.

No matter how dark it might seem, if you shine just the right amount of light, warmth and love on it at just the right spot, little by little it will begin to shine. And even though the process might take a little while. If you don’t give up, the results will completely be worth the wait.

Now you might not entirely agree with what I’m saying, in fact I don’t want you to, because that is a very naïve way of looking at things. But every once in a while, childish naivety can do all the wonders for a person. Especially one who is just in need of a little light in their lives. But all that aside, we go back to my analogy of a glass sculpture. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this. Glass is very beautiful, but also very fragile and brittle. So what happens when your heart breaks?

Well I know a deal about that, so let me explain. My working theory is that at the start, your glass heart is there and it shines just like it’s meant to do, that’s why children are really wonderful. They still have that glass that we all started with, they shine and they radiate light and joy and love. They have light in themselves and it’s that light that they give out. But skip forward a few years and the child with light and wonder in his eyes has turned to a cynical and pessimistic adult, and that is because something broke him along the way and now this is the cruelest part of the story to me. If someone breaks you, it’s up to you to fix the damage, or you can leave the mess just as it is and it will eventually cut those close to you. You see glass, when whole is really beautiful, but when broken, is very hurtful.

You have to choose to pick up the pieces and start rebuilding it with whatever you have. The process is slow and painful, because like we all know, broken glass cuts. But better to get cut on your pieces than someone else getting cut and bleeding all over them. You can get help from people around you, but you must keep those pieces close to you at all times so that you do not transfer your pain to others. For “Hurt people hurt people”.

Now, as you rebuild your heart meticulously with, love and care. It will turn to something new and beautiful, with a few extra perks. You will learn to understand the pain of others and maybe even be able to help those who have been in a similar position. You will have gained the power of empathy, which a really cool “superpower” to have. With this experience, you will learn to handle your own heart much more carefully, and value it a whole lot more. For you will know how much work it takes to build one.

So I hope that this teaches you and me something, no matter where you are in your journey. As always, stay safe and lovely.

About The Author 

Sekamatte Soul Solomon is my name. I’m a born again Christian. I am a computer science student at Uganda Christian University Mukono. I love reading novels and comics, I’m a tech enthusiast and want to be a developer and chef in the future. I am a person who is passionate about mental health and healthy relationships. I suffered from depression at the start of my first year in campus and I’m healing from the experience. I hope to help someone get through what I experienced and live a healthy and happy life.

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