Bullying is an act of intimidating a person to do something especially such repeated coercion for example hitting someone, damaging someone’s property intentionally, teasing and social manipulation and is one of those bad experiences in schools. it is commonly experienced by new entrnts in schools but even students who aren’t new get a piece of that cake too. the bullies just can’t have their cake and eat it too, if you’re lucky enough, yooull get a piece of that cake. Want to know a person who is being bullied?- They will have signs such as unexplained cuts or wounds, isolation, declining performance at school, lose o interests in their favorite activities. refusal to go to school among others. In addition, people being bullied may remain silent and never say a word; not only do they keep it from people close to them, but also their parents and/or guardians. They do suffer from a lot of inward pain that cannot be reflected on their faces. I think one of the reasons why they may remain silent is that they get emotional in such a way  that once they tell someone that they are being bullied, they may get worried knowing that the person they are telling may be avail no help. Another reason is that they may fear that they might place the blame on them hence anxiety and once anxiety sets foot into the scene, there’s a guarantee that that person wo’t speak up.

As a youth, I experienced a number of cases of which they affected my academics as well as my mental health as a youth,for instance, it all started when I joined a new school, break time was for games as usual but I really wanted to make new friends. There was a group of fellow girls who were my classmates, it was time to play (we were playing noble known as kwepena). I approached them happily, greeted them and said, “I would like to join you and I will like to be on Tracy’s (not real name) side.” The game paused knowing I would be welcomed but all ended in vain when Tracy came towards me, pushed me badly until when I fell down ending up bruising my hand leaving others laughing loudly as they pointed at me. This couldn’t stop tears from flowing down my cheeks. I asked why she did this and all she did was to continue laughing. I just lifted myself up and moved away up to the toilets and cried until when the bell for classes rung. This made me a loner until when I left the school. Ever since that incident in school, I looked at myself as a useless creature ever known in school because even if I reported her to the teacher I would double the bullying I was going through. From that day, I became so moody, over complaining even over unnecessary issues and unhappy all the time as well as my self-esteem was very low to the extent I would fear talking to my teachers what bothered me in school until when my elder sister who was two years ahead of me who realized the wounds on my hands asked me what happened, I told her but her words comforted me as well as rescued me as I changed school.

Another incident in the same school happened when we had gone for swimming as a class, I was moving around the pool in my towel after wearing my costume, going to the side for our age, uncertainly, I found the bullies coming from where I was going and we were on the deep side of the pool for adults. One of the girls smiled at me not knowing that she was planning to push me into the pool. The good part is that I had learnt some swimming skills as my hobby. I was pushed by one of them into the pool (deep side) but I was able to come up at the edge and the trainer saved me. I wished he didn’t save me because I was fed up of life . I couldn’t stop asking myself why they did such acts to only me. I moved out of the pool, went to the changing rooms and changed into my uniform and sat at the reception. As I was sited there, my teacher came asking me why I wasn’t in a costume then I told him that I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t swim as I couldn’t report what happened.  However, I realized that this teacher had seen what happened because he told me to distance myself from those girls in any way possible.   This teacher helped me abit during this time because he just told me about the bullies but wasn’t there during the time of rescue. I really don’t know what happened to those bullies because I was changed to another stream of the class that saved me a lot.However, the best treatment recommended to end such sad life situations is meeting a recommended therapist  to help you come to terms with that experience. the therapist could help talk to the parents or guardians to better open them up as well to the idea that their loved ones need to be provided an environment where the childen feel safe enough to express themselves because this can alo result into a ripple effect where an unsafe environment at home could make other children bully theeir fellow students in schoools. iMental.com however, can help with that.

Visit the site and get connected to others who have experienced bullying like me and get help from our therapists.


Kasembo Angella Agatha

Is a second year student at Kyambogo University Western campus. She loves swimming, reading and writing novels as well as music.

She suffered from depression in her primary and lower secondary but is now recovering slowly though still faces the problem of depression.

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